End of tenancy cleaning in Sutton

Just a few days remain till the end of tenancy inspection. This last landlord’s visit should not be underestimated. The results of this examination will determine if you will get back your tenancy deposit. Is there anybody who doesn’t need his money back? Of course not. But this check won’t come easily in your pocket. You have to sacrifice your precious time and efforts in order to perform a deep end of tenancy cleaning in Sutton property you has been inhabiting. This procedure is long and overwhelming, because you have to take care of every item, corner and surface. Don’t worry, even in this difficult situation, you are not alone! Cleaning Sutton is here to help you with all house cleaning obligtions including the end of tenancy cleaning. One call on 020 8114 9699 will make you breathe calmly.

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End of tenancy cleaners

The end of tenancy cleaning is not an ordinary cleaning procedure as everything need to be spotless and looking exactly the same way as when you rent the property. That is why it’s better to rely on the professional end of tenancy cleaners to do the job rather than hiring amateurs. After all it’s not reasonable to risk your tenancy deposit by receiving poor results especially at the final inspection. You just can’t compare your cleaning work with what a team of well trained Sutton cleaning experts could do. Furthermore - our convenient service is guaranteed within 48 hours, so you can call us if something has to be repeated, there will be no charge for that. If you insist on beginning smoothly your new period in life, you are at the right place - Cleaning Sutton. Concentrate on the moving in your new house or flat, arrange all the details with your new landlord without worrying about the final inspection coming. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

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What is included in our special end of tenancy cleaning- get a clue!

Let us give you some information about the special cleaning procedure, performed by our expert end of tenancy cleaners in Sutton. You can always add your personal requirements and recommendations while scheduling an appointment. So, the standart end of lease cleaning usually includes these activities, provided with special attention to the details:

  • Sanitising of the whole kitchen - your kitchen needs deep cleaning, because it’s a frequently used premise, where you cook and eat. All the appliances and worktops there will be scrubbed and wiped in order to shine them for the new tenants. There will be no stains and spills, no burnt-on carbon and food residues. The results will show an impeccable kitchen without dirt, germs and cobwebs.
  • Living room or any other room - every element of the domestic interior will be cleaned. The procedure includes dusting the surfaces, hoovering and mopping the floors; cleaning and arranging the belongings in all cupboards and wardrobes. All worktops and surfaces will be carefully scrubbed and polished. The soft furniture is not an exception neither, it will be refreshed by hoovering.
  • Hallways and entrance ways - the hard floors will be hoovered and mopped. That will remove all the dust and soil, brought by the people’s shoes. The windows will be cleaned from the inside. Outside window cleaning is a separate service, performed by special equipment. The mirrors won’t be missed, even if they look clean enough.
  • The toilets and the bathrooms - they need a deep disinfection and sanitising. All the details there will be carefully scrubbed: the toilet seat, the sink, and the showers will be polished and sanitised. The steel fixtures will be de-scaled and de-limed. Last, but not least - the mold. It abounds in these moist premises, but it will be removed by our expert cleaners.
End of tenancy cleaning sutton

In addition to all these profits, end of tenancy cleaning Sutton is offered at cheap and competitive prices. Take advantage of our reliable end of tenancy cleaning service and devote your time to more important tasks. Get yourself a free quote on 020 8114 9699!

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End of Tenancy and Carpet Cleaning* Prices:

  • One bedroom flat with carpets from £175.00
  • Two bedroom flat with carpets from £200.00
  • Two bedroom house with carpets from £220.00
  • Three bedroom flat with carpets from £235.00
  • Three bedroom house with carpets from £310.00
  • Four bedroom house with carpets from £350.00
  • Five bedroom house with carpets from £380.00
End of tenancy cleaners sutton

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices:

  • One bedroom flat from £130.00
  • Two bedroom flat from £155.00
  • Two bedroom house from £173.00
  • Three bedroom flat from £180.00
  • Three bedroom house from £230.00
  • Four bedroom house from £260.00
  • Five bedroom house from £280.00

* please note when you book End of Tenancy together with Hot Steam Carpet cleaning, you get 50% off the regular carpet cleaning price.

Cleaning Sutton provides also regular domestic cleaning. Try it in your lovely home!


If you have to cancel or reschedule the service, please do so at least 24 hours prior to the cleaning appointment. Failure to contact us on time will result in a cancellation fee equivalent to £50.00. Same applies if there is no one to let the cleaners in or there is no water or electricity access.

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